Daedalus: Sniper of the skies
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On Terraformers we used the VR in Sketchfab to keep our metrics in line.

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Daedalus on the prowl!

Daedalus: Sniper of the skies

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I start each sketch with several silhouettes, making sure that I can pull of a character that looks inherently unique.

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Most silhouette are never developed further. But each one leads n a new direction and improves the design.

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Even with detailed sketch, the silhouette is still the backbone of our designs in 3D.

Matthew murchison sniperprod3

Some of the final sketches, we really liked the symbolism of the right-shoulder cannon, wings and sights. (Look up Daedalus to see what I mean!)

Daedalus: Sniper of the skies

A hero unit from the upcoming game Terraformers, Daedalus is a lethal sniper with the eyes of a craftsman. It was really important of develop a unique silhouette for every one of our characters. I referenced the classical stories of Daedalus quite a bit for this character, from the wing he crafted, the wings that the gods gave him, the scar on his shoulder, and his craftsman's eye. Daedalus might have had some blood on his hands to!
I also set fairly strict standards for low-poly efficiency, our game is mobile, but we wanted very high fidelity in our graphics. I brought Substance Painter in to give use beautiful high-poly to low poly bakes, and so we could set a standard texture/smart-material set for our entire team.

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