Freelance Works: Southern Asia
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You get the reference images, and you just know you'll be hungry!

Lint Chocolate Thins:
This is one of my favourite models. It is essentially a cube, but If you look closely there are intricate folds and decorative layers of paper that go into the real thing. SO much fun to think-through the real world folding!

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The Daim Snax bag looks like a cylinder, which in CG is really easy to do. But bags are not made of cylinders.

Here I am exploring the production technique behind the bags, and how I can increase the realism with more accurate models.

Daim Snax Bag:
This bag was a bit more difficult, it has a very organic form and there are only three good references you can find online. Luckily I could explore their branding through other packages. I used this understanding to improve the texturing.

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Understanding the source of the distortions and wear on an object helps make a more realistic mesh.

Daim Snax:
This bag was a nice and easy model. It actually came first and helped to set my workflow for the project.

Freelance Works: Southern Asia

I have recently dived into the world of freelance to broaden my skills, experience new types of modelling, and seek out new challenges that don't arise in my day job. Often I find these challenges more fun other entertainment, so this is starting to become a profitable pass-time!

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