Terraformers Planetary Environment Art

Spicea Flos Mortem (Mobile Friendly)

This is our 'Average' plant. It has threatening thorns, friendly petals and glows with nice details. We can use it to fill in areas between smal shrubs and out larger mushrooms, as well as to add variety to the map.

Tentorium Acri Murus (Mobile Friendly)

This guy is special, with threatening written all over we wanted to use a plant to reinforce any blocked areas, making it more natural that you can't access those zones.

Matthew murchison plants2

Welcome to Terraformers!

Matthew murchison plant1prod6

In engine render of Spicea Flos Mortem, compared to our other plants it is probably our most versatile tool for the environment.

Matthew murchison plant2prod2

The high poly sculpt of Urbem Ligno Volat. With organics I looked for a flowing and eye-catching look before constraining the model in a low-poly,

Urbem Ligno Volat (Mobile Freindly)

I saw a need to cut down as much as possible on our environment spending (more explosions!), so I designed this large and wide plant to cover ground that would otherwise need little plants with higher poly counts.

Matthew murchison plant2prod5

My approach to organic low poly on mobile. Start with a sketch, model it, sculpt a high poly, then build a cheap low poly around it.

Edules Defecturam (Mobile Freindly)

Our alien equivalent of grass, this guy is light weigh and ready for mass placement. Comming in at 8 faces, it can be used to add detail near the edges of 'forests' without bogging down our system.

Terraformers Planetary Environment Art

Terraformers is an epic of planetary warfare, as you fight for resources in a galaxy occupied by amphibian aliens. Take command of your elite mech army as you lay wast to local lifeforms in this unique Tower Defense meets RTS in space!

For this project I was hired by Sheridan College Faculty of Animation and Design to act as lead artist for a small team of Post-Grad Programmers and Game Designers. When I cam on board my tasks grew form 3D Artist/Animator to Technical Artist as I ran them through the basics of PBR, introduced Substance Painter and setup easily replicateable systems and workflows for 3D content creation.

One of our biggest concerns was unifying the in game teams, for this we setup a standard set of materials for each side. We also used tools like SketchFab to keep everyone on the art side appraised of the styles we had going at any step of visual development.

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