Terraformers: Space Command

I was responsible for animating, staging, and editing of the Terraformers trailer.

For each model, I would sculpt a high poly in Blender, then bake and paint in Substance Painter.
We wanted a vibrant living world for the player to battle on.

Matthew murchison mubkhj

I built the planet form the ground up. I created each modular detail as well as sculpting and painting the terrain. I was also responsible for modeling custom nav-meshes.

I set up a 360 painting system in Blender that brought skybox paint times down form 8 hours in photoshops to about 2 hours in my setup. We had a particular focus on building distinct regions of space for the player to subliminally track.

For terraformers, I was the main 3D artist, with occasional ventures into technical art to support our programmers. I designed and implemented mech units, planets, space stations, and the launch trailer.

While on the team I also trained the design team in the PBR workflow with Substance Painter, developed a software agnostic workflow to get models into the engine and worked with the programming team to develop more efficient navmeshes and shaders.

Find the game on google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.OutcastStudios.Terraformers&hl=en