Terraformers: Space Command

I was responsible for animating, staging, and editing of the Terraformers trailer.

Daedelus was my mech on Terraformers. He was created very early on and was the test case for our High to Low poly workflow, substance pipeline, and unit implementation. In the end, we had to clip his wings a bit. I believe that he is one of the finer mode

Few can say they painted the stars by hand, but on Terraformers, that's exactly what I did. We had a particular focus on building distinct regions of space.

We wanted a vibrant living world for the player to battle on.

THe TCS Oracle is your home base in the meta of Terraformers.

This plant is designed as large ground cover, lowering the number of plants needed.

Even our pink and purple alien planet needs some spikes to keep the player on edge.

Small details really help to sell a world, these little guys would fill in any 'grassy' areas of the planet.

Terraformers: Final Assault Round 1

Terraformers: Space Command

Terraformers is an Android RTS that takes you across the galaxy in search of valuable resources. Use your army of mechs to take control planet by planet and terraform unchallenged!

For terraformers, I was the main 3D artist, with occasional ventures into technical art to support our programmers. I designed and implemented mech units, planets, space stations, and the launch trailer.

While on the team I also trained the design team in the PBR workflow with Substance Painter, developed a software agnostic workflow for to get models into the engine (making us a Max, Maya, and Blender friendly studio) and worked with the programming team to develop more efficient navmeshes and shaders.

If you like what you see, hope on the Google Play store and download Terraformers Space Command today! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.OutcastStudios.Terraformers&hl=en

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